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World Health Day Theme 2018

world health day 2018 World Health Day is celebrated by human everywhere the world on go here 7th April every year below the leadership of the World Health Organization, to bring the care of a huge number of people towards the value of global health. The World Health Assembly was taken for the cheap augmentin online first time in the year 1948 by the World Health Organization in Geneva,

where on April 7 it was determined to honor World Health Day yearly. It was first celebrated in the year 1950 as World Health Day in the entire world. Plans based on various characters of specific points are organized by the World Health Organization at global and national level.

How is World Health Day Celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated worldwide by many government associations, non-governmental, NGOs, by organizing shows compared to people’s health concerns and awareness. Companies joining on their ventures and influenced by media reports through news, press releases, etc., put pieces of knowledge on them.

With their pledge to help the health problems around the world, health experts from different countries join in the ceremony. Many types of enterprises are managed in the health conversation to support people to keep their health in the proximity of media sector.

To join the goal of WHO, conversations related to subjects, essay writing, competition. art exhibitions and award ceremonies are organized.

The Theme of World Health Day 2018

The theme of World Health Day 2018  is “Universal Health Coverage”.

Universal health coverage is described as securing that all Human have the path to required preventive, curative promotive, and rehabilitative health services, of enough quality to be useful, while also assuring that people don’t experience financial worry when giving for these services.

Universal health coverage has, therefore, become a higher object for health improvement in several countries and a superiority goal of World Health Day.

The Slogan of World Health Day 2018

The campaign Slogan of WHO  is “Universal Health Coverage”.

slogan of world health day 2018

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