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Woman Sitting on Dharna for a Month on Jantar-Mantar to Marry PM Narendra Modi

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी से शादी करने के लिए जंतर-मंतर पर एक महीने भर से धरने पर बैठी महिला

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As you need to hear a wide range of sorts of exhibitions on Jantar-Mantar, yet nowadays you are getting an alternate show of execution here. A 44-year-old lady, Om Shanti Sharma, is perched on a dharna on Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.

You may imagine that if a lady is sitting in a situated position this way, at that point it more likely than not occurred with this lady, for which the lady needed to sit on the dais, yet there is not at all like that. Truth be told, this lady needs to wed the Prime Minister of the nation, because of this she is perched on the ladies’ dharna.

This lady needs to wed the Rajasthan (Om Shanti Sharma) inhabitant of Rajasthan and wed the lady’s executive, Narendra Modi. That is the reason the ladies are caring the slightest bit over Jantar Mantar throughout the previous one month. I will purchase a month to month interest for a month.

The lady sitting on the dharna for a month to wed Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The 40-year-old lady (Om Shanti Sharma) has been perched on Delhi Jantar Mantar throughout the previous one month, and you will be stunned to hear the explanation behind its sitting. Azuio is looking for this lady since she needs to wed the nation’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This lady named Om Shanti is caring the slightest bit on the Jantar Mantar of Delhi from September 8. It has been told by peace that his psychological condition is additionally fine.


Om Shanti Sharma has likewise informed that, her significant other tricked her. Consequently, the misery of that woman must be comprehended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The lady additionally said that Modi is senior in the age and needs to wed her to serve him. As indicated by Om Shanti Sharma, the conduct of PM Modi in the nation is great and he tunes in to the voices of poor people and the persecuted. Are there.

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As told by Om Shanti, her better half left her just a single year after marriage (1989). Peace is living alone from that point forward. They said that many individuals have a proposition for marriage however they need to wed just Modi.

At the point when Jai Shanti was hitched to Jashoda Ben, the spouse of Modiji, it was inquired as to whether Modi did not live with Jashoda Ben.


He has even said that regardless of whether Modi had concurred, he would pitch his familial land to give Rs 50 crore to Modiji in share. As indicated by the peace, he has rejected a significant number of his propositions to be engaged and now he needs to wed Narendra Modi. She has been remaining under a little shed for one month in a side of Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for the strain she inspired wedded to Prime Minister Modi.

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