Strong Reason Why You Need an SSL Certificate for Your Business Website

Why Does Your Business Website Need An SSL Certificate?


It is recommended that websites in 2017 should have an SSL certificate. Secure Sockets Locker (SSL) is a technology that aims to protect an Internet user’ data from being stolen by hackers through encryption of the connection between the server and the browser. With the increasing risk of cyber theft, Google has been changing the way it has been measuring website security.

Having an SSL in your website is a good indicator to your website visitors that they can interact with your website without losing their private information to a third party. This certificate is so significant that having it in your website will boost your website’ ranking in Google search engine.

A reliable & Certificate Authority’s authorized SSL reseller offers different types of SSL certificate at cheapest price and they will assist you in installing the SSL certificate on your website. What is SSL certificate and what does it do?

In simple terms, SSL will protect your private information or data as it travels between the user’s browser and the server that is running your website. Sometimes a website may require you to use your credit/debit card when buying a product or a service.

This is private information that must be protected from fraudsters, hackers or any other person who is not authorized to have the information.

A website that has an SSL certificate ensures that you are fully protected. A webpage that is protected by this certificate has the feature “https” and a green padlock icon in the address bar. When you see these features, then you should know that you are in a secure page.

SSL certificates are classified based on three types of validation level such as Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation. You can secure multiple subdomains of your primary website with see url Wildcard SSL certificate of trusted Certificate Authorities.

Whereas, you can protect multiple domains/sub-domains with Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL certificate. So, you can choose certificate according to your website security requirement. Why does Google value SSL certificates?

Since the year 2014, Google unveiled a plan to start rewarding websites with this SSL certificate. This indicates that Google will be using SSL as one of the ranking factors. A website with this technology should rank better in search engine searches as compared to another website that does not have SSL if all the other factors remain constant.

In 2016, Google also announced that websites that collect credit card information but lack the SSL feature will be marked as “not secure”. To accomplish this, Chrome browser will notify the user that they are not protected by SSL technology. This is likely to scare away potential clients because no one would be ready to risk their credit information.

It is therefore very important to ensure that your website is properly through this certification. It is therefore very important to assure your users of your website that it is properly validate through SSL certification

How to add SSL certificate in your website?

For you to successfully add esomeprazole ranitidine 20 mg SSL certificate in your website, you will need to understand how your web hosting works with the SSL. After this you will acquire the certificate and install it in your website. It will also be important to ensure that you update the entire website to ensure that all the necessary parts are secured by SSL.

However, adding the SSL certificate may sometimes become a complicated process and that is when we advise that you should seek help from our web development services in Tanzania.

After you have confirmed that SSL is working on your website, the next important step should be to notify Google that your site is running SSL. This should be done through Google analytics as well as in Google search console. There are different levels of SSL certificate depending on the needs of your website. These different levels are priced differently too. You can buy the SSL certificate either from an independent provider or from your hosting company.

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