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What to Do When You Want Sex, But Your Wife Is Not in the Mood?

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We bet that every time you want intimacy, but your wife is not in the mood for sex, you just surrender and manage with it on your own. But is it worth it to immediately surrender and run to the bathroom? Maybe she can be adjusted to the right way? Let’s find it out together with russian dating site


In one of the Emmy Mews (famous specialist in sexuality and relations from Toronto, she knows how to seduce wife when she is not in mood) studies, 80% of the participants said that they had experienced a divergence of desires within the last month. Sometimes, as she says, this is where the big quarrels begin. “She might not like the way you initiate sex,” says Mews. – Or at the moment she needs intimacy, but not the physical one. Maybe she had a hard day at work, and she just needs to rest near you. “

All this is absolutely normal and does not in any way characterize your attractiveness or desire. The problem arises when you feel that she does not want to, but you still insist on your own, not paying attention to the lack of interest in her.

So what should you do when your wife is not in the mood? Mews recommends just talking to her. Do not let the sex you want but do not get become an enraged elephant in your room. Do not complain about the fact that your attempts were unanswered. Ask her a simple question, “Can I do something to turn you on?”


This strategy does not necessarily succeed, but as Mews says, if you asked her such a question, she might think that after a little rest or tender affection she will still have the appropriate attitude.

If she still refuses, your next remark, according to Mews, should be this: “So, maybe another time?” It sounds pretty silly but you tell her that you a) accepted the fact that today there will be nothing, so she does not have to reject you again and again, and b) you are not upset, but already looking forward to sex you will have tomorrow or any other day.

“If you accept her desire not to have sex today, she will be more motivated to meet your sexual needs in the future,” says Mews. Show her that you’re ready to wait. Do it politely, without accusations and assertiveness, and next time you will get whatever you want.

Change Her Mood

What can you do when she’s not in the mood? Just change the situation! In fact, women sometimes do not know why they are not in the mood. Maybe, she just got off on the wrong foot. But there are multiple ways to cheer up the girl. We will tell you about the most common methods that guaranteed to work.

go Delicious food

It’s no secret that many girls adore food. And the most surprising is when you see how a person changes after a delicious lunch or dinner. It is a fact. A well-nourished girl becomes cheerful and kind. Maybe your second half is not in the mood because she is hungry? Urgently feed her! Go to a cafe and order her favorite dish.

order clomid online canada Pleasant trifle

Give your loved one some plush toy or a bouquet of flowers. For us it’s a trifle, and girls like such gifts not only on holidays,. You will see how smile will shine on her face.

http://thegoddamns.com/author/tomjordan/ Compliments

Think of some nice compliment and tell her. The main thing that it is sincere. You must necessarily say pleasant words about how beautiful she is, that she is beloved, etc. Thus, she will feel unique and special for you.


Hold the girl and hug her tight. Women often do not have our attention. And by this word they do not mean expensive jewelry, chic bouquets, but hugs or a kiss. This is just a trifle that can give your companion a good mood and a sense of calm.