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6 Free Ways To Make Money Online Without Any Investments

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These days everyone is looking for a side hustle. The idea of a single source of income has become outdated and unfeasible in today’s economy, with supplemental income streams as much a necessity as they are an added bonus to the bottom line.


If you’ve been observing all of this and feel confused about where to start creating additional ways of making money online, or think the only way to make money is to have money to invest in something first, this article will show you otherwise.

Here are 7 easy ways to make money online using just your creativity and a little bit of skill as capital.

source url Join The Gig Economy

go site  The gig economy is really big. This is one of the most effective ways that people of all ages are using to make money off the internet.

There are various websites and freelancing platforms that allow you to sign up and market your skills. Some very popular ones are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. These websites allow you to provide a wide range of services which include: Computer programming, SEO writing, blog writing, content creation, proofreading, ghostwriting, transcription, audio editing, and almost any skill you can think about. Setting up a profile on these websites is free.


It is necessary to sound a note of warning that there is often a lot of competition in getting jobs on websites like this. There are many other freelancers who are most likely far more skilled and experienced than you are. However, if you are creative enough in selling yourself and projecting a good image, coupled with some resilience, you should start making a fair amount of cash in no time.

http://bonniesbocahomes.com/contact/ Create your own blog

If you don’t like the idea of creating content for other people’s blogs as a freelancer, you may want to consider starting your own blog. This is a little more involving as you have to regularly come up with captivating content in order to make the blog mentally stimulating and attractive for readers.


I asked my friend Kate Johnson, who runs the budgeting blog BestofBudgets.com about the rewards of starting a blog:

“With blogging, you have the chance to build a brand while you earn money from advertising and affiliate programs. This is so powerful. There are so many bloggers that earn a full-time income from their blogs with only a few hundred visitors daily. The reason is they are able to create a brand that they can then use to sell everything from e-courses, digital products, to a private consultation. That’s where the magic happens.” –Kate

Choose a niche you are passionate or knowledgeable about and aim to become the authority in that space using your blog. You’ll find blogging can become your main source of income over time.

Make Money on YouTube 

This is another easy way to tap into the readymade market offered by the internet. All you need is creativity and a good camera. The number of searches on Youtube continue to explode as people opt to watch a video instead of reading a lengthy blog post to get answers to their problems.


Present what you know in a fun and interesting way, get it on YouTube and be consistent at doing this. It may take quite a while and it may not be as quick money as the other methods, though once you build up enough subscribers, that’s when you start making good and consistent income.

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Turn Your Social Media followers into Money

Social media is showing no signs of going away in the next few years, as platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest reach an ever-growing group of audience.

Companies these days are willing to pay top dollar to reach the lucrative audience that are on these social media platforms. As such, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to become social media savvy and build up a following. Try to find a niche that isn’t fully saturated yet- funny cat memes and fitness selfies are probably not one of them.

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Once you become an influencer on social media, you can expect companies and agencies to start knocking on your door looking for sponsorship or branding opportunities. I know several people on Instagram and Pinterest that make a full-time income working with brands and promoting their services using their large following.

Virtual Assistant Role

A lot of professionals are too busy to do their minor tasks, and they need someone to handle the dirty job for them. Stuff like typing memos, shooting quick emails, entering bulky data in spreadsheets are all things that busy CEOs are willing to sublet to a freelancer while they are dealing with bigger issues.


If you’re a quick learner and good at administrative tasks, virtual assistants are in extremely high demand, and jobs can easily be found on sites such as Upwork.

Online Survey is another one of the most efficient ways to make money online. We all have an apathy towards completing surveys online, though it’s a great way to kill time and make some money laying on the couch with your laptop or iPad. Some of the bigger paid survey companies you can sign up for are Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

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Drive for a ride-sharing service

You’ve most likely requested an Uber ride before with just a click on the app, but, have you ever considered being the one getting requested? All you need is your car, a driver’s license, and a fairly clean driving history, and you can register on Uber, Lyft or any other ridesharing platform. You’ll make returns that’ll pay your gas bills and leave either a little or plenty of change in your account (depending on how much you drive)


The internet today is an economy on its own. There’s no reason for you to be cash-strapped. Find a niche and get to work, there’s money (completely legal) to be made off the web if you’re willing to put in the effort.


Author Credits: This article was written by Jon Muller, founder of Ergonomic Trends where he blogs about office health and ergonomics. Check out his popular 20-20-20 app to remind you to rest your eyes every 20 seconds while at work.