9 ways to get rid of cramps before period that can help you relieve the pain

Top 9 Ways to Get Rid of Cramps Before Period

Cramps Before Period

rocaltrol 1 mg klonopin You have to deal with the problem of purchase estrace online cramps before period. This symptom have brought many discomforts and pains to you. And you try your best to escape from it immediately. The following article shows many ways to get rid of cramps before period that can help you relieve the pain.

1. Water, water and water

There is no doubt that water plays an important role in our life, and keeping away from http://michaelchagala.com/personal-life/ cramps before period is not an exception. Providing enough water means that you let your body stay hydrated.

This process is not able to control your cramps directly, but it can moderate the bloating that is known to make cramps cause more pains.

During the time you have to deal with cramps before period, you should keep a water bottle handy.

In case you feel water is too boring, use some squeeze of lemon or mint to toss in, which may make it easier to drink.

Staying hydrated also means that you need to avoid the water loss of the body. To do that, you should keep away from alcohol as well as tone down the salt (never more than 2,300 milligrams per day).

2. Comfort Foods

To relieve the pain of cramps before period, you need a suitable diet. Fatty fired foods such as Potato chips, Doughnuts .etc are not friendly friends in this situation. Instead, you are advised to consume whole grains, vegetables, beans or nuts. Stick to a low-fat and high-fiber diet.

To relieve muscle tension and inflammation, nutrients such as magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B1, B6, and E,… are highly recommended to be used.

3. Snooze Smart

Maybe because of the pain of cramps before period, it is rather difficult for you to take a rest. But let try! Stop using smartphone first, and if you can, make the most of your night’s sleep. Do not forget to catch a short power nap.

Another great advice is to change your sleep positions. You can try change from lying on your back to on your stomach. This action helps your muscles avoid being put pressure too long. Catch a short power nap, if you can, during the day.

4. Pop a Pill

When you have to suffer severe pains, you now need a pill most that has analgesic effects. There are some common kinds of pill such as aspirin, naproxen sodium and ibuprofen, etc. These will be able to make your cramps before period less overall.

You also should bring a few pills along with yourself in case of emergency.

5. Get Moving

It is believed that exercise can release endorphins which are brain chemicals. By eliminating them, get moving help you to feel better. So, do not hesitate to take a short walk or swim for a short time.

6. Massage

According to many studies, massage brings about many good effects to man, especially women in their period. Just 4-5 minutes per a day on your belly can increase the blood flow. Also, it can help you be better by easing tension 5 minutes a day on your belly can boost the blood flow and ease tension to help you feel better.

Before the massage, use some essential oils by rubbing a cream on their belly. It will bring more efficiency because of having pain-killing compounds.

7. Acupressure

Like the effects of massage, acupressure gives the capability of faster blood flow. Therefore, for a while, it releases endorphins to help your body and mind to relax.

You need to touch key places on some body parts such as the back, feet, belly, or the spot in the fleshy between the index and thumb fingers.

Acupressure will be very helpful to relieve the pains of cramps before period if you see a trained expert.

buy Keppra online 8. Treat Yourself to a Bath

If you do not have the capability of massage or acupressure, the warm water filled in the tub can help you so much. Add some bubbles on your tub, read your loved book and relax. There is no doubt that this is the best way to calm your mind, and especially your muscles.

A warm shower is a good alternative when you do not have a tub.

9. Talk to Your Doctor

For most women, it is not such a problem when they suffer the pain of cramps before period. But, you should not ignore this common symptom.

In some cases, it can be a sign of pregnancy, or unfortunately, a dangerous condition.

At this time, you need to talk to your doctor. A medical professional can give you some great advice to get rid of your cramping.

Above is some useful information for readers, especially women who are dealing with cramps before period. Hope that, with many tips listed, you can get rid of this uncomfortable symptoms quickly.

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