Tip Tip Barsa Pani - Hot Dance Done by the Three Girls on the Song

Tip Tip Barsa Pani – The Dance Done by the Three Girls on the Song

टिप टिप बरसा पानी, गाने पर तीनों लड़कियों ने किया ऐसा डांस सब के होश उड़ गये

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get link You should realize that the melody “Tip-Tip Barasa Water” was shot in Bollywood by the tune “Hawaar” in the motion picture “Rukhina Tandon”. What’s more, in 1994, Raveena Tandon’s move still recollects the tune in the tune “Moharra”.

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Individuals still recall the tune of this melody and are compelled to hold tight this tune. What’s more, this tune has likewise attempted to film commonly in various style.

Today, a video of a move aggregate via web-based networking media is getting to be plainly popular, in which move gatherings of 3 young ladies have done a great deal of outstanding move on tip-tip rain water.

This video has invigorated years old melodies. These three young ladies are individuals from Mumbai’s Jazz team. Many individuals have overlooked Raveena’s move in the wake of watching the move of each of the three young ladies.

These three young ladies have given another look to this melody (tip-tip rain water) with their move. Taking a gander at this video, perhaps no one could have thought of shooting ‘tip-tip rain water’ in this hot design.

This 2 minute video has seen more than 2 million 40 thousand times on YouTube.