[UPDATED] The Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2018

The Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2018

best online jobs for college students

College students are perhaps the biggest victims of the eternally spiraling costs of living. Tuition costs, accommodation fees, and entertainment expenses rise every other day, yet student loans and grants mostly remain static. As a consequence, most students are forced to live hand to mouth. With flexible schedules and overflowing energy reserves, college students should seek to immerse themselves in productive income-generating activities.

On that note, some of the where to buy Misoprostol no prescription best online jobs for college students looking to make a dollar or two in their free time are:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are not just platforms to get likes and meet new partners. They are a new frontier of advertising as more businesses seek to cash in on the ever-rising popularity of social media. You’re not required to have any credentials to be a digital marketer – average follower numbers and a creative mind is all you need. The job involves posting about a business’s products using given taglines or hashtags.
You can earn anywhere from $10 or more per hour to hundreds of dollars if you’re exceptional.

Online Photography

A lot of blogs and websites constantly need images to put on their sites and are willing to pay for quality. If you have a digital camera and a photographic mind, you can comfortably source url earn a living selling your photos online. You can choose to sell directly to clients or upload them to popular stock photo sites such as Shutterstock, Flickr, and iStock and earn some commission every time someone uses your images.

Social Media Management

As mentioned earlier, a lot of businesses and companies are increasingly using social media to attract and inform customers and also offer customer care services. If you search hard enough on their profiles, these businesses are always looking for social media managers. The job entails posting stuff on behalf of the company, interacting with customers and generally pushing the company’s products.

All that’s needed is a laptop and an Internet connection. Most brands will pay your Internet bill and train you for free. What’s more, you can arrange to work at your own time.

Online Writing

The need for online content is at an all-time high. With excellent grammar knowledge, you can earn a decent amount from writing articles and academic papers online. Sites like Craigslist, Problogger, and Upwork are full of clients looking for writers on various topics. You will also find a student or two who might http://smithhamiltoninc.com/2015/05/branch-transformation-what-it-is-and-isnt/ need help to write an essay or research project, and if you’re good at it, you might earn upwards of $50 per paper.

Online writing is a highly flexible job that perfectly suits a student’s schedule while still offering great earnings. All that’s required is a computer, Internet, and basic research skills.


What about writing on your favorite topics and posting for the world to see? Running a blog is one way to earn good money with only a few hours work. Take advantage of cheap web hosting services like WordPress and Blogger and slowly build a following by writing on easily relatable topics. Market your blog on your social media pages and emphasize quality content.

With time, your blog will be a stable source of income from ads and affiliate programs for a very long time. Notably, you won’t get results until you achieve at least several thousand monthly visitors but with the right strategy, that’s not a hard thing to accomplish.


If you have a creative bone and a camera phone, you can combine them to create video content for YouTube. It’s even better if you have a digital camcorder but a smartphone will do for a start. Your videos can be about anything from you going shopping to make-up tutoring or funny skits and pranks. Again, your social media pages can help you market your videos and find viewers.

As long as your content is captivating, funny, and relatable, you will easily build a fan base and be on your way to receiving a thousand dollar check. Admittedly, YouTube doesn’t pay until you get a thousand or more views and even then, it’s about $0.5 to $3 per 1000 views – hardly a decent amount. Nevertheless, as you build your portfolio, your viewers will increase and depending on their location, so will your earnings.

Private Tutoring

You’re smart, right?

Well, here’s something for you, the private tutoring industry is currently worth more than $100 billion with the best days yet to come. If you’re an above average student, you can share your knowledge online and make a living off of it. Sites like Tutor.com and Udemy are common marketplaces where tutors and students interact and do business.

Online tutoring mainly involves helping clients understand various subjects and in some cases, helping them with their homework and assignments. Tutorials are mostly given through videos though you can give written presentations depending on the client. All you need is mastery of one or two areas of study and a passion for teaching, not to mention a stable Internet.


Young people use the Internet primarily as an avenue for social interaction and gaining knowledge. However, if there’s a will, the web can be a permanent source of income with the potential to rake in millions.

The good thing is, most online jobs, unlike regular jobs, do not require any experience or qualifications. This makes them open for inexperienced but determined college students looking for anything from a quick buck to permanent jobs.

Yes, we know the above jobs are pretty cool so why don’t you try one of them out? You never know where you might get your break!


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