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Secret Instagram Tips and Tricks You Should Know

10 Useful Instagram Tips and Tricks you should know

Instagram Tips and Tricks for You

order Topiramate online Considered one of the best, most popular and most attractive photo sharing website, Instagram has millions of users all over the world. As the application is in constantly updated state, there are a lot of features coming in every now and then, with the Instagram video being the most recent one. To keep up with the changes and use the application effectively like a pro, the following are 10 hidden go site Instagram tips and tricks you should know.

Top Hidden Instagram Tips and Tricks Mention Below:

Turn on Notifications for Some Specific Users: –

To get alerts or notifications from some specific users go to any photo from the account you want to be notified for, and tap on the “…” icon adjacent to their name. “Turn On Post Notifications” option will appear. Clicking this option will turn on the notifications and this will notify you every time that person posts a new photo. This can be done to any number of users specific to your requirement.

Hide Photos You are Tagged in from Your Profile: –

Introduced a while ago, this feature lets a user tag other user in their photos. This is, however, a privacy concern as the photos you are tagged in can be found on your profile too. To take back control of the tagging and hide them from your profile, tap the ’Tag’ icon  on your profile and select the photos from where you want to remove yourself. Then in the right top corner, tap the “…” icon. Choose ‘Photo Options’ and select ‘Hide from My Profile’.

Send Photos and Videos that Disappear Once Seen: –

Last year, a Snapchat like feature was added to Instagram which allowed its users to send photos and videos that disappear once the recipient has viewed them. To use this feature, launch the camera in Instagram, take a photo or record a video and tap the arrow icon on the lower right corner of the screen. It will allow you to select friends to whom you want to send these disappearing media files. Remember these can be sent to only those friends from your list who have chosen to receive private messages.

Turn off Comments for Individual Posts: –

Recently Instagram gave its users much more control over their posts by allowing them to turn off comments for selected photos and videos. Just select the post for which you want to turn off comments, press the 3 dots above the photo or video and select “Turn Off Commenting”.

Add Popular Hashtags Even After Posting: –

Appropriate hashtags help your posts, photos and videos to be viewed by a great number of users and attract more followers. But if you forget to do so before posting, you need not worry. Hashtags can be added in the post even after it has been sent. Just type them in the comments and its done!

Turn off Video Preload When There’s no wifi: –

Instagram has a feature of playing the video automatically for faster streaming when you are browsing your feed. This might take up all your mobile data if you are not connected to any wifi network. Go to your profile and tap the ‘Settings’ button. In the ‘Preload’ option, choose ‘only on WiFi’. This will preload the videos only if you are connected to a WiFi network.

Running Two Instagram Accounts at Same Time: –

To run two Instagram accounts at the same time on your Android phone, download Parallel Spcae app from Google Play Store and show them off to your friends by running multiple accounts simultaneously.

Removing Geotags: –

By retrieving the GPS data from your phone, Geotag saves the location of the photos you take and gives each snap a location info. These photo will then be displayed in your ‘Photo Map’. To remove photos from your map, go to Photo Map, tap ‘Edit’ at the top right to select the photos you want the geotags to be removed from.

Turn Video Sound On Or Off: –

To turn the sound of your Instagram videos on or off without creating any mess in your phone’s general volume settings, go to your profile by tapping on the button on your phone’s bottom far right. Tap the gear icon (iPhone) or the three dots (Android) at the top right. Go to Sound setting and choose between ‘Off’ or ‘On’ for videos.

See all the posts you’ve liked: –

Instagram keeps a history of all the photos you’ve ever liked. This option is not really hidden, but it’s not very obvious either, that makes it easier to miss. To get access to all the photos you have liked, tap on the ‘Settings’ icon in your profile, and go to the ‘Photos You’ve Liked’ tab.

You might have known a few or more tips and tricks mentioned above but for those who are new to Instagram and who haven’t really got the time to explore it fully, these are a [pure blessing. Go on and try these tricks right now and use Instagram like a professional.