Natural Proven Tips: How to Sleep well at night without Thinking

Natural Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Sleep Better at Night

Think about the many things that can consistently rob you of a good night sleep- work, school, sickness, stress, family duties, and others. Whatever it is, a cut in your daily sleep schedule is not only unhealthy but can also reduce your productivity and disposition.
While it’s not always possible to get rid of the problem, there are certain things you can do to source sleep better at night.

Here are the most common tips to sleep better at night:

go Set aside a regular bedtime

When it comes having a good night sleep, nothing works better than having a regular. If you really want to live as a healthy adult, then you must set aside a certain amount of time for your night sleep and stick to it. It doesn’t have to longs hours. Ideally, it should be anywhere between 7 to 8 hours.

After you choose a particular time, try not to stay awake longer or sleep before the time, except of course you’re tired. But it’s recommended to sleep and wake up at the same set time every day. Ideally it should be a time when you are most likely to be tired. Doing so will allow your body to gradually adopt a sleep cycle that can’t be easily disrupted. It may also help to extend your sleep schedule for 60 more minutes. Anything beyond that will be a lot of sleeping around which is somewhat meant for lazy people.

Sometimes you may not fall asleep immediately at the set time. During such times, you may just want to relax and let nature take its course. You can listen to a slow song or you can pick up something by the side to read.

Eat and drink wisely before bed

When it comes to your diet, there are two things you mustn’t do before your sleep time. The first is not to let your bowels get too heavy while the second is not to go hungry. Both situations are not healthy and you should try to be on the fence.

Watch what goes into your mouth once you are couple of hours away from your sleep time. Select and limit the type of food you eat. The same rule also applies to the consumption of liquor.

There are certain drinks you’re not supposed to take once you’re moments away from bedtime. Three good examples are caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. These products are stimulants and are to be strictly avoided because of their ability to disrupt your night schedule and rob you of quality sleep. Even if you must take any of them, it should be given enough time to wear off; not less than six hours before sleep.

buy zyrtec syrup Reduce your daytime naps

You either limit you naps or you don’t nap at all. Long sleep hours during the day can affect the length and quality of sleep you get at night. It’s recommended to nap not more than an hour during the day and it should come early. Taking a nap half an hour is ideal especially if it’s done early in the day. Don’t drag it beyond 5 pm. Avoid late naps as it usually interferes with your normal sleep time. For a long night sleep, it’s best not to take a nap at all.

But then it’s not everyone that is active during the day. For night workers, napping is not an option. If you fall in this category, then you will definitely be sleeping longer than one hour.

Workout before bed time

You don’t have to wait until you want to shed some weight before you start working out. In addition to helping you keep fit, regular exercise can help you enjoy your night sleep more.

Over time it has been discovered that a regular workout schedule can help improve restful sleep, especially when observed some hours before bed time. When you exercise four or five hours before bed or early in the day can help you sleep like a baby. It becomes easier to fall asleep at your set sleep time and your sleep becomes more progressive and sound.

Though vigorous exercise is perfect, you can also exercise lightly if you can’t keep up with the heat. It’s better to take a 15 minutes’ walk than to sit all day doing nothing.

Create the right atmosphere

Creating the right atmosphere for slumber can help induce sleep. A dark bedroom that is cool and free from noise is likely to get you dreaming faster. Think about bats and their caves and you would understand better.

A cool sleep environment may not be easy to initiate especially if you’re not the one making the rules. To turn your bedroom into a slumber arena, then you have to put cautious effort into it. Try as much as you can to keep the noise away. Nothing disturbs a sound sleep better than a disco noise in the next room or so much talking outside. You may find a white noise machine really useful to this end. It’s also best to keep the computers and TVs away.

Make your bedroom temperature cool by keeping the temperature between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. You can achieve this with your fan and humidifier.

To keep lights out, use blackout curtains or an eye mask. For the comfort and easy transition, use a mattress that is comfortable and supportive; this also goes for the pillow. If you’re the type that gets woken up by a dog or cat during the night, then you may want to take the pet to a separate room.

You may also want to adopt a bedtime ritual that helps you prepare for sleep. Reading is a good example.

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