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Love a young man from sex workers of GB Road

जीबी रोड की Sex workers से हुआ एक युवक को प्यार, जानिए पूरा माजरा

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It is news from New Delhi that till today you will see sex workers’ love stories probably in books or films. Have you ever heard of such a real life where a young man went to and he fell in love with any of the sex workers. If not, then we are going to tell you about such a true story.

see url The boy met the girl every day after becoming a customer

This case is from GB Road in Delhi, where a boy was in touch with the girl for the past two years and used to have first friendship between the two

And then later friendship turned into love. After this the love turned into marriage and after this both of them decided for the simplicity. The boy met the girl on two years by becoming a customer,

But the boy wanted to get out of this girl before marrying and the girl also wanted that Gabby wanted to start a new life after leaving the road.

Together with the Shakti Vahini NGO, the Delhi Women Commission came to the NGO and after this the team of the Commission, the members of the Shakti Vahini and the police raided the number of GB Road at number 68 and released this girl.

source link Both are going to marry soon

After the rescue, the girl told that she had come looking for work in India because of financial constraints, then she came to G. B. Road. It is said that this girl is 27 years old.

The girl said that the story of the boy is also from the girl’s family, the girl’s family had no problem with this relationship and the girl told that she will soon marry that boy and make her home.