Sex Fun for Men, But If Woman Does That Crime: Kangna Runout

Sex Fun for Men, But If Woman Does That Crime: Kangna Runout

Sex Fun for Men, But If Woman Does That Crime

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut is thought for her formidable and bold unjhaad. Kangana remains inside the media for greater of her performing than she is in the media due to her arguable statements. due to his lack of goodness, he additionally comes to the goal of people typicallyrecently, in an interview, he turned into dissatisfied approximatelyanswering the questions. Kangana has again raised the mail dynaming problem inside the movie globalin which she stated that in the film world the mail and girl artists are seen in a different way. in case you need to have sex, then you may

Kangna stated that after a few matters are done by way of guysthere may be no objection in it, however when there may be a lady doing the work, then humans make hayoutouba. Kangna said that intercourse is a delight for guysbutwhen the girl does, she becomes a criminal offense. Son Casanova, but the daughter complains approximately the Bikini

Kangna stated that there is a difference inside the film international too. there may be no objection if there is son cannova right herehowever he wants his daughter now not to wear a bikini. in advance, Kangana had made many disclosures associated with Bollywood in an India television show. After this interview, he got quite a few ruckus. Kangana made critical allegations against many massive celebrities of the movie global. click here From Hrithik Roshan to Karan Johar

Kangna disclosed her relationship with Hrithik Roshan on this interview. Kangana praised the manner human beingsspoke in tv display on their courageat some point of the sleep, Kangana made numerous disclosures about Aditya Pancholi and Suman for the look at. He also attacked Zar-e-Azam on director Karan Johar. but, after this interview, he alsoconfronted complaint of the humans of the film enterprise.