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How to Pack A Truck For Moving Out?

How to Pack A Truck For Moving Out

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watch Moving out to a new apartment is a stressful process for people. Everyone, who have experienced packing heavy carton bags into a truck, will understand the issue. You always get paranoid when something loudly cracks, expecting it to be your precious Victorian set of plates. At this point, packing up resembles a Tetris game, where everything as to go exactly how you plan.

can i buy antabuse online Sure, you can always hire a team of professionals like SF Moving to do everything for you. But it is absolutely normal to save some coins and ask your dear family or friends to help out. Here are some essential moments you need to remember before packing up a moving truck:

Heavy household appliances are the hardest to pack up

Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, stove and similar household appliances are better to keep closer to the cab of the truck. First of all, it will prevent heavy equipment from falling down on other items, and secondly, shaking when driving on bumpy roads is minimal between the axles of the truck.

Pack everything densely in carton boxes (ideally, you should preserve the original cartons, but let’s face it – no one has got enough space to keep the whole refrigerator box.

Detach the furniture if it is possible

Detached furniture will be easier and safer to pack in the truck. You can unscrew light bulbs from the lamps and place all the detached details in the boxes, previously covering the items with bubble wrap and securing every box with scotch tape afterward.

Separate the headboards of the bed or table legs and wrap them in large rugs or carpets. Detach the drawers from the bookcases, unscrew legs of the tables and chairs if it is possible. Secure everything with scotch tape and keep screws in separate boxes. Name every unit, so it will be easier to identify what is in the box after you move in.

How to place collected furniture in the truck?

Some furniture is not subject to dismantling or you decide not to disassemble it consciously (some pieces of furniture are almost impossible to assemble). Load large items as a matter of priority, because later they just might not have enough space in the back of the truck. If the furniture has cavities – clog them in small boxes, bags or things that were unpacked.

What is the order of placing the boxes?

Boxes with things that you will need in the near future after moving, should be loaded first, because you take them out and store them in the reverse order. In this case, the most essential things should be on top.

Place the heavy boxes as a base of other packages, the lighter boxes should be kept on top. It is more convenient to stack boxes of the same size. Boxes with fragile objects should be placed on top, so that you do not have to put anything on them.

At the same time, you should place these boxes in such a way that they do not fall. It is better to secure fragile boxes with the rope, tying the pieces together – from heaviest to those of a lighter weight.

Pack most essential things

Stack tools, electric lamps, and food lastly. You may immediately need them right after moving to the new apartment. Expensive and valuable things are better to

load immediately, so that they do not remain unattended. Always pay attention to things like computers, laptops, printers or any other items that are relatively light and easy to steal while moving back and forth from the truck to the house