Oracle Careers India and Jobs for freshers and Certified Oracle Experts

Oracle Careers and Jobs for Certified Oracle Experts

Oracle Careers and Jobs for Certified Oracle Experts

follow Oracle is one of the giants in the Information Technology industry, so it is no surprise that a thorough understanding and sound knowledge of the many aspects that Oracle caters to can be of great benefit to someone looking for a source career opportunities in oracle relevant field.

This is what makes Oracle Certifications so popular. They are a good choice for anyone looking to launch a buy priligy uk online career growth in oracle a related field, or those hoping for a career change. Luckily, Oracle offers a number of certification in six different expertise levels that can greatly improve your chances of gaining employment and can cause a substantial increment in your expected salary.

Listed below are some of the careers and jobs that an Oracle Certified Expert is well-suited and eligible for.

Database Administrator

Since designing of software like databases constitutes a large part of what Oracle does, it is no surprise that this is a great career option for an Oracle Certified Expert and freshers. A Database Administrator is responsible for supervising the databases associated to different aspects of a company or a project.

This includes developing, maintaining, and testing of database software. Moreover, a Database Administer can be expected to implement an effective backup protocol and devise a strategy for recovery procedures, along with providing technical support to those who access these databases and protocols. Finally, a database administer oversees the security protocols in place with regard to these databases.

They ensure that all the concerned personnel has access to the databases and that unauthorized personnel do not. They also keep an eye out for possible security breaches such as hacks, viruses, and other malware.

Instructional Coordinators

This is one career option which is highly in demand and is expected to remain so for quite a few more years.  As an instructional coordinator, your job would include ensuring that the educational programs currently being offered meet the set standards of quality and other regulations.

This is done by using the skills and knowledge they acquire during the course of the Oracle certification and other communication methods in order to design instructional materials and to train teachers so that they meet those standards.

Systems Analyst and Cloud Operations Lead

Companies may hire System Analysts and Cloud Operations Lead in order to oversee the many Oracle-based systems and software that they are using or to design, maintain and update the company’s cloud-based operations.  An Oracle Certified Expert is the ideal candidate for such a job, and therefore, a certification with Oracle in a relevant course will help improve your chances of securing this position.

Application Developer

Depending upon the particular Oracle certification you undertake and your level of expertise in it, a career as an application developer is also a possibility. The job description of an application developer includes developing software that will lead to a smoother operation of the organization they are associated with. Such computer programs help users with everything ranging from day-to-day tasks to simplifying complex duties.

Financial Consultant

Equipped with a relevant, expert level certification by Oracle, you can also pursue a career as a financial consultant. Your responsibilities as a financial consultant can include designing, implementing and modifying financial solutions for organizations and corporations. This includes handling the cash inflow, outflow, managing the treasury, inventory, auditing the resources and asset management, among other things.

These are only some of the career opportunities available to Oracle Certified Experts. Each career option requires different qualifications and certifications. This also implies that there is a significant difference between the expected minimum and maximum salaries for an oracle certified professional. As a result, there is plenty of opportunity for growth and advancing your career as you go along.