sexual problems in marriage: does a relationship lacking In sex result In divorce

Does A Relationship Lacking In Sex Result In Divorce

sexual problems in marriage

For a variety of married couples, a New Year usually means starting afresh, and sometimes without their spouse. Here is a look at source how lack of sex or sex problems, is one of the factors that contribute to divorce.

Making the decision to get a divorce is usually difficult, and even harder when there is a parental role missing to divert the attention away from the couple’s marital problems issues.

Since the year 1991, the divorce rates have increased by 73% among individuals aged 60 and over. Typically, these marriages have endured for more than twenty-seven years.

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) contributes these divorces down to an increase in life expectancy, the decreased stigma associated with divorce, an increased financial independence in regard to women.

However, the social shifts very rarely influence the decision of individuals.

click Common Reasons For Divorce

The more common factors for a divorce are still general incompatibility, substance, emotional or physical abuse, growing apart and infidelity.

However, it is far more complex to evaluate the impacts of a slower decline.

In the year 2004, US studies about divorce in the mid and the later lives of individuals discovered that 1 in 4 divorcees where unable to identify an obvious problem, simply concluding that they were no longer compatible.

The term “falling out of love” is one of the romantic euphemisms.

Even though it is often true that the couples that still like one another are still able live together in a celibate and affectionate relationship, the couples that get divorced usually rarely have sex.

Whether this lack of sex is a symptom, or a cause of their conflicts, it is usually never straightforward. However, there are no doubts that the absence of physical intimacy happens to be one of the martial red flags which should never be ignored.

It is important to know that there are ways in which to make a marriage that is sexless work. However, this article covers the ways that sexless marriages are impacted negatively.

go The Sex-Role In A Marriage That Is Failing

In some cases, either both or one of the partners are angry or upset and they show this emotion by withdrawing from any physical contact as a way to communicate this distress or to punish each other.

This is never a helpful way to express feelings and the rejected partner starts to nurse their own grievances and the road back together becomes that much harder to achieve.

There are also physical barriers associated with sex that can distance couples, especially when there is a rejection or reluctance to address or acknowledge them.

Often when a man suffers from an erectile problem or a woman is suffering from discomfort or dryness or perhaps even a hormonal imbalance, these individuals prefer to avoid sex rather than explain to their partner or doctor that something is wrong.

Unfortunately, the majority of the problems that erode sexual confidence and marital satisfaction is easy to resolve when it comes to the correct help.

However, the majority of couples that are unhappy usually wait on average for about 6 years before they seek any type of counseling.

Often, just the acceptance that things are not that great as they should be is already half of the battle won.

Everyone wants to be loved and to love, and when a couple makes the decision on a conscious level to attempt to improve or repair the relationship, the renewed commitment allows the couple to often rediscover that sexual spark which may have been amiss for a long time.

If you are in a relationship, that has become compromised due to a lack of intimacy, avoid ignoring the problem with the hope that it will go away.

Do something about it before you have to resort to getting a Houston divorce lawyer.

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