Foot Surgery Recovery tips - How to Recover After Foot Surgery

How to Recover After Foot Surgery

How to Recover After Foot Surgery

If you are a source url post-surgical patient, you will try to get recovery soon. Because surely it is not a good feeling for you to spend your time in sickness.

After your foot surgery and being in the hospital for a few days, you feel bored to stay there. So you have to come back at home as early as possible.

There is nothing more to do for the doctors except his instructions in hospital.

Now, this is your turn to take care of yourself. It is very important to take bed rest for first 2 to 8 weeks. Apart from this, your family, relatives and friends will help you.

It may totally risky for you if you give pressure to your foot in this period. So after foot surgery, take a complete rest and you will be able to get the right position of your foot by following the doctor’s instructions.

Taking proper nutrition

After any surgery it is necessary to take proper nutrition. During this time, the body needs additional vitamins and minerals.

But there should be another thing to keep in mind that accepting more nutrition results in increased body weight.

Because you cannot work hard at this time and you will not be able to burn the excess calories from your body.

Excessive body weight can create another problem for moving your legs.

Moving slowly

Excessive rest is not right for the body. After taking rest for a period, you should move your foot slowly. But you have to do that according to the advice of your physiotherapist or the surgeon.

This will give strength to your muscles and ligaments gradually. Don’t use your regular shoes at this time; rather wear post surgery shoes to recover.

There are many types of surgery shoe for post -surgical patients in the market which can help you come round soon.

Stay safe from infection

Only your awareness is enough to stay from any kind of infection. After grabbing anything, you have to wash your hands well.

It is very important to keep your clothes, bed sheets and food accessories clean. Otherwise infection can cause of your late recovery.

Control your pain

You have to control your pain by following the medicine of the prescriptions. Some patients neglect to take the drugs in time.

So they can’t get recovery early. If you can control the pain in tolerable level, it may help for moving your foot.

Take physical therapy

Taking physical therapy is an awesome process to recover early after any surgery. So if your Doctor suggests you to go for a therapy, you should follow his advice.

Try to follow the schedule of the physical therapy and maintain it properly. But if the pain is start after taking therapy, contact with your doctor.

Keep your mind fresh

It is really a boring time while you have nothing to do without taking rest and take care of your health. Sometimes you may feel mental depression, you may feel stressed or missing your work place.

So it is need to keep fresh your mind with some other activities like reading interesting books, watching movies or gossiping with your friends. And try not to go outdoor for few days.

Final words

Actually it is not so difficult to get recovery soon after your foot surgery, if you follow all the instructions of your surgeon.