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Home 101: Do-It-Yourself Landscaping Ideas for Thrifty Homeowners

So, for years I had been toying with the idea of picking out a landscaping idea that fits in with my home. Just so you know, I love farming and I have been doing so for the last decade. Before deciding on what design I wanted, I had to make sure it complements my farm. I even have a kitchen garden that I plant some onions and lettuce.

My journey started when I went over to a friend’s, and she had these wonderful flowers hanging around her walkway from the main entrance to the house. I then had to remodel my exterior. Below are some of the ideas I did that were insanely cheap which changed my home’s exterior a great deal.

Cheap Landscaping Ideas

1.Use homemade compost

My idea was to put up flowers around the house. The good thing is my garden has ample soil. I had to mix the soil with some leftover organic scraps and some coffee grounds. The proportion you should use is one bag of soil and one order Prozac online uk bag of compost for a nutrient-filled mixture for the healthy growth of the flowers.

The advantage I had is that soil is readily available, unlike other people who have to buy soil. This way, I got to save a lot since I didn’t have to buy anything.

2.Plant young plants

Most people don’t want to put in the hard work of seeing plants grow from a young age. They want to go to the nursery and purchase an already grown plant or shrub. If you’re going to save money, go for young plants rather than mature ones.

I purchased some Indian hawthorns that took approximately 11 months to grow to mature plants sizably. All it needs is a little bit patient, and you end up saving even half of what you’d have spent on a mature hawthorn from the nursery.

3 Create clusters

Another idea which I used is, you can incorporate is http://saintjbrewery.com/error-504/ creating pot clusters around your home. You can make an excellent selection of plants such as terracotta or fountain grass which cost between $5 and $20 heavily depending on the size.

Choose an arrangement that will give an illusion. You can combine these arrangements: cascading plants such as asparagus fern, vertical plants such as fuchsia and horizontal ones such as cape jasmine. Such a landscape design will not cost you so much, and you end up saving.

4 Look for discounts

Just as spring is the best time to get a roof replacement due to off-season costs, the same applies when purchasing your desired landscaping plants. Nurseries will tend to have discounts on last season’s merchandise so that they can make more room for new stock.

I had to shop around and see which nurseries had discounts on their plants. You may feel some way buying a lightly scorched flower. However, the trick is, ensure that the stem looks healthy and if you love the garden like I do, be loyal in watering the flowers. You will see the change as the flowers will rise and flourish. As such, you will end up saving money that could be of use elsewhere.

5 Purchase perennials

A perennial plant is a type that lives for more than two years. I decided to go for the http://thesweetsunshine.com/2016/06/summer-romper/ lobelia. The advantage of growing perennial plants is that they will stay longer than annual flowers. They may be a bit costly when purchasing, but that’s just about it because you don’t have to buy more annually. They are almost permanent which makes them a more long-term landscaping solution.

6 DIY stepping stones

Ever thought of making stepping stones yourself? Well, I just did, and I loved the outcome. Nicely painted stepping stones are a great way to make your home’s exterior beautiful. Instead of purchasing stepping stones that could cost anywhere above $20 each, why not try making your own?

Here is what you need: a bag of quick-setting cement, paint, and decorative marbles. Mix the cement with water and paint. Once a mixture forms, you can place it on a cardboard box then put your marbles on them and leave them to dry. Preferably for 24 hours. Once they dry, you can peel off the cardboard and arrange them to your desired taste. After the final touch, you will have made milestones and made the overall appearance splendid.

All the above are just some simple ideas I implemented in my home that could save you highly on costs. However, in case you need some expert opinion, Terra Nova Landscaping can help you out.

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Jean Francia is a business executive of a landscape company based in Canada. She is always in the lookout for the hottest topics in different niches.