6 Foods That Cause of Belly Fat, Bloating, Digestion Problems and other Diseases

6 Worst Foods For Your Belly You Should Never Eat

6 Harmful Foods For Your Stomach

go to site 1 Fast Food

Fast food, such as burgers, french fries and pizzas, causes obstipation because they are reduced fat and nutritional value, which dehydrate your body and decelerate your colon movements. If you are constipation, stay away from take out joints!

dapoxetine buy online canada 2 Espresso and Black Tea

Caffeine stimulates constipation by rousing your bowel. But if you are dehydrated, then it works in the opposite direction and triggers constipation.

erythromycin tablets buy uk 3 White Breads

From the multi-grain or whole grain bread, white bread is packed with starch and has almost no fibers, which is why you should avoid creating it due to constipation.

4 gluten

Gluten is a definite protein found in some grains such as wheat, mustard, and barley, which gives the bread its elasticity and makes the cake and breads chiwie. Unfortunately, many people are sensitive to the organic and develop acute autoimmune problems when they ingest it. And constipation is merely a symptom of gluten intolerance. So if you are constipation, then move on brown rice for a while because both bread and rice will increase your condition.

suprax cefixime 100 mg 5 Organic Bananas (Raw Bananas)

Ready bananas are known to help bowel movement and reduce constipation. Unfortunately, organic people are the contrary
This is due to raw bananas contain extremely high starch, which makes it difficult to process the body. And in high quantities of pectin fiber, everything is not easy because they take water from their digestive tract, which increases constipation.

6 Chocolates

Chocolate can style good, in them high amounts of fat makes them a perfect costiveness, cooked food
So take this into account and stay away from those chocolates when your intestines are not walking in the right path.