Geolocation In A Business Mobile App for Android and IOS

Geolocation In A Business Mobile App – How it can help to increase the ROI of your Business?

ROI of business

where can i buy dapoxetine in singapore Geolocation is a technology that tracks the current location of the device using their IP address, be it a mobile, PC or a tablet. Geolocation is trending among the mobile application developers in Chennai. This technology has opened many doors for the entrepreneurs without which they will not be able to exist. Some business apps are completely dependent on this technology, whereas other apps have it as an added feature. Here’s everything you need to know about this trending technology and how it can improve the ROI of your online business.

buy priligy in the us What can Geolocation do?

Before thinking of how you can generate revenue through geolocation, you first need to know what it can do. Here’s a list of things that geolocation can perform

  • Identify a person’s present location
  • Track the movement from one place to another
  • Calculate the distance between places

Having these user-friendly features in their business app can be of great help to business to increase their revenue.

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How can geolocation improve revenue?

Adding geolocation to the business mobile app is an excellent way to improve the revenue. There are a few ways through which geolocation feature can help a business. They are explained in detail below

Make location-based content and ads

Creating location-based content and ads is not something new but it is growing rapidly providing more revenue making opportunities for business. When content and ads are tailored according to a specific location, it can drive more visitors and can increase the business in a number of ways. The location history of the audience can also be used to build an audience profile and then create targeted ads to those locations.

Get new customers

The most important advantage of using the geolocation feature in a mobile app is that it has the ability to target potential customers, drive traffic to the site and convert them into new customers at a brick-and-mortar store. It also helps business to connect with customers who are located in close proximity to their business which increases the success rate of any marketing campaign.

Providing insights into customers

Customers use mobile not just for purchasing products, they search for information or download an app. Thus, interacting with the users in any way is good for a business to increase its sales. A business could provide recommendations to customers regarding their nearby points of interest. Providing such valuable information to customers will help to retain them which might lead them to come back to your website for another purchase. It may increase the revenue as well the brand loyalty.

Adapting to an on-demand economy

By finding out the location of a customer, the business app will be able to provide them with the simplest, fastest and the most relevant solution. For example, if a customer wants a product to be delivered doorstep the business app can identify his/her location and tell them the possible delivery date. It is reported that customers are more attracted towards such options when it comes to online shopping.

Increases brand loyalty

Geolocation allows the existing customers to check into businesses they visit and write reviews about their products and services. This can help in predicting the customers’ behavior and also increases the brand loyalty.

Promotions for users

Geolocation could also be used as a part of a promotional campaign. A customer who shares his/her location could be given a unique code or coupon upon making an online purchase.

Get measured results and reward loyal customers

With the help of geolocation, businesses can track check-ins and gain profit through customer traffic and sales. When business tracks the frequency of their visitors and their purchases, they will be better able to provide incentives for regular customers.


In a nutshell, adding geolocation features to your app is an easy way to generate more revenue and help your customers feel connected to your app. Customers believe that location-based app can provide them with advanced service and benefits. Looking for customized mobile app development in Chennai? See hash is your ideal destination. They are the most reputed app development company with a team of highly experienced, innovative and skilled mobile application developers in Chennai. Contact them now to get your dream app and grow your business.