Facebook Relationship Status: Why Your FB Relationship Status Matters

Why Your Facebook Relationship Status Matters

facebook relationship status


http://vincejeffs.com/gallery/2000-2009 Ever since Social Media has been dominated by people’s head and mind, any relationship has become very important to be official on Facebook. You would think that your relationship to Real life is official but it is not so in real life, because in today’s time, Facebook Status has started to make more sense. It is very strange to be seen in reality.

http://atozautoplaza.com/project/01-corolla-low-mileage/ We have given so much importance to social media that it has started to dominate our real life. But we should think of the people what a stranger thinks about your relation, what exactly does it matter? However, there are many reasons why Facebook Relationship Status is so important for people.

Need More Security


If there is a lack of self-confidence in a man, then he needs a sense of security in his relationship. In such a situation, you want to make your relationship public by using your Facebook Status status.

You will think more about what other people think


If you have more worries about Facebook Status, what is the status of your status and how many Reputation is there in front of you, then Facebook Relationship Status is more important to you. If you get public commitments then you consider your partner more loyal.

You feel more love in show

If you feel loved by many people by listening to your praise or feeling of physical attraction, then there are some people who feel love with public displays. If their partner expresses their love at a public place, they are more happy in their real life.


Why Avoid This

  • You should understand that your real life is very important for you and social media is not in front of it. Your partner’s loyalty does not depend on Facebook.
  • The people who know you well in your real life know everything about yourself but they will be aware of everything about you that you are dating someone, and those who do not know you well It should not be necessary to tell about your relationship. So do not force your partner to update status on Facebook.
  • Maybe your partner may get annoyed with the insistence of Facebook Status Update or it may be bad because of your relation. So avoid doing so.