4 Best Ways to Clean Furniture

4 Best Ways to Clean Furniture – You Should Know


Furniture plays an important in our lives as we use it on regular basis as same as Personal Shower Products add quality to your life. BehindTheShower shows various products you can choose from.  The cleaning of furniture is not a complicated task, provided you know how. The nature of the surfaces with which they have been manufactured, condition the products to clean furniture that you can use to clean without deteriorating its appearance.


In this article we will tell you the best way to clean furniture made of natural wood, iron, plastic or natural fibers, using the most appropriate ways:

here Vinegar

You should never clean natural wood furniture with products such as ammonia, or bleach, or with abrasive scouring pads such as nail polish, because its satin or gloss coat will disappear, attacking color first, and ultimately damaging the wood.

To care for your furniture made of natural wood, dust should be removed from the furniture, daily with the help of a soft cloth or microfiber, avoiding accumulations that may scratch them.

If you have to clean kitchen furniture with natural wood doors, we recommend that you do not wait for a significant layer of grease to appear, which you will obviously have to remove with more abrasive systems for wood.


To clean wooden furniture weekly, use a bowl of warm water adding a few drops of vinegar, moisten a soft sponge or sponge to spread over the entire surface, and then remove the dirt with a microfiber cloth moistened in warm water, and finally dry with a cloth, rubbing to remove the rest of moisture and get shine. The cleaning vinegar will dissolve the grease and will help you a lot when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen, being a good ally for cleaning the wood.

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http://constructorapi.com/page/2/?page_id=23 Neutral Soap

The best way to maintain the cleanliness of waxed wooden furniture is to keep them free of dust daily, using a duster, or a soft cloth that does not scratch them. To keep the lacquered furniture clean is to remove the dust daily to prevent it from accumulating, with the help of a soft cloth, and of course not to deposit objects directly on the surface, so that no stains appear, or to skip the lacquer.


When it is necessary to clean the lacquered furniture in depth, use a neutral soap dissolved in water and moistens a soft cloth with which to work the surfaces. Rinse with another clean cloth moistened with water, and finally, remove all moisture with a dry cloth. Never use solvents or acetones to remove stains from lacquered furniture, because these elements attack the lacquer and colors, spoiling their appearance.

Olive Oil

Normally, iron furniture is usually used in gardens and porches, but its use in interior decoration is also a trend. No matter where they are placed, the forge furniture or other metals need some care to preserve a clean and careful appearance since this type of materials is not free from the attack of agents such as rust, dust, humidity, and other types of dirt.

As always, the first step to clean furniture forging, or other metals, is to get rid of the dust.


To clean iron furniture with rust stains, you can mix olive oil with naphtha, spreading with a brush over the stains, let it act for at least 30 minutes, and then pass a dry cloth to remove the dirt. Another option is to use lint pads, or green scrub moistened with paraffin, rubbing on the areas with rust, and then removes the dirt with a cloth moistened in water, ending with a dry cloth.


To keep plastic furniture, PVC clean , or to clean synthetic resin furniture, dry dust must be removed, using a cloth if surfaces are smooth, or a brush with soft but compact bristles, for areas of interwoven fibers .


You can scrub them with a solution of water and bleach to recover a uniform white, helping with a soft pad that does not scratch, then remove the dirt with a wet cloth only in water, and repeat until any remaining dirt is removed, and finally dry with a cloth.

You can also use some of the prepared products that are sold in malls for cleaning garden furniture. If you want to get more shine, and even more protect your furniture from synthetic fibers, you can apply some spray wax.