What Are The Best Ways To Keep Your Home Cool in Summer Naturally

What Are The Best Ways To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer?

What Are The Best Ways To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer?

If the summer is on the way, then your home will definitely become hot. Do you stay on the outskirts of Bangalore? Do you have an own home? If you are living with no floors above, and if it is the red summer, then naturally your family members will also feel the heat. But buying an air conditioner to sustain the heat? Now, the expense can cast an evil shadow on the yearly budget.

You will be in a state of confusion to buy the correct appliance. Not only are there many brands, but there are also various electronic appliances to give the cooling effect. So, which one will you buy? Will it generate high electricity bills? If you are living in an apartment, will the association allow window AC units?

Do all these questions bug you? Do not worry. You have come to the right place. We have done the research for you. It is not that an appliance will solve all the problems. You can also opt for the smart way by making adjustments that can deflect the heat occurring due to the sun’s rays.

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There are three factors you have to focus on. First is comfort for the family members, your budget and selecting the unit which fits the specific place in your home. If you have bought an air conditioner having less efficiency to cool the home, the next month you will get a high electricity bill.

Do you want the opposite? The power AC will finish the work quickly, and will make the place cool in a very short time. But the family members will switch on and off the AC, and its lifetime will be shortened.

You should also check the energy efficiency ratio. Remember any cooling device will be a misfit for your home, if the home is not properly sealed or insulated.

Cheap 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Ductless Mini Split Air conditioner– You can put this appliance on a wall and operate it by remote control. Although you need the outdoor compressor, no bulky ductwork is involved. Anyway, refrigerant easily flows through the tube connecting the indoor and outdoor units.

These systems function effectively, because of the advantage of separate control. If you have installed separate units in each room, greater will be the electricity charge. However, ensure you seek the services of a professional for the best AC service in Bangalore. And it is vital that you go for a annual maintenance check every year.

Window air conditioner units are easy to install and cost less when compared to mini-air conditioners. Till today, they have considered the best options for cooling personal rooms.

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1. Electronic Appliances

Name any and you will find that they all generate and release heat to the atmosphere. Do you know, as per home improvement experts, that the air conditioner should be installed near a washing machine and microwave oven? The reason, one appliance wants to provide the cool atmosphere and the other two releases heat. So, install the appliances properly and ensure that malfunctioning devices are checked by a qualified technician.

2 Painting

You can also make the best choices in the process of roofing during renovation or when applying a fresh coat of paint. When you paint light colors, there will be a reflection of solar radiation from the house. This method will cut down the amount of heat that penetrates the walls and roofs.

Although a simple method, when statistics are taken, the roof surface and wall temperature are lowered by 50 to 60 degree Fahrenheit. It will also reduce the “cool” demand of your home by ten to fifteen percent.

In case, you are living in a house which has a roof-top filled with tiles, or if you have a roof that is black, look for roofing materials that can give the best effect regarding thermal emittance. You can also search for recent technology products in the market which have been specially designed to reflect the sun’s rays.

If you have a east or west facing window, it is better to have drapes that can reflect sunlight. You can make use of vertical blinds on the east/west facing windows. You can choose the lighter colors for the house roof and walls.


You are sure that the summer will be difficult as you work night shift in a BPO. And the most important part, neither you nor the room mates have the budget to buy an air conditioner. Let us say, you are lucky and get a old air conditioner from a relative. She says, it was her favorite electronic appliance in the past and just needs the service part to work normally.

You have doubts about getting a qualified repair expert for AC service in Bangalore. But you get the valuable tip about companies which provide top quality doorstep repair services at the customer’s doorstep. You also find it easy to book the services. You just have to download the companies’ app, check for the service, and schedule the appointment as per your convenience.

So you place a request. You also get a call before the scheduled date to discuss the requirement. You tell the information, and the concerned repair expert comes to your home on the exact time, and brings the service back to normal.

Now, you do not have to worry about the summer in Bangalore. But when you build a new house, ensure that you build as per the tops specified in this article.