Best 7 Crazy April Fool Pranks Ideas: How to make April Fool to Friends

April Fool Pranks Ideas: How to make April Fool to friends

April Fool Pranks

April fool days is one of the memorable day of the year, one can never forget, because that is day when you are treated like fool and you cannot get out of all the pranks, which comes your way.

It is one of the day in a year, socially acceptable to go about doing thing as many as you want. So, here are Best April Fool Pranks Ideas.

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can you buy topamax over the counter in dubai April Fool Pranks For Kids: One effective thing to make fools to kids is to introduce your kids to eat something new in vegetable, like some green leafy food which they avoid most of the time and tell them if they eat so regularly,

they will get smart and rich in early stage, with this you will have your April fool Day and for them it will be a good lesson to learn from.

April Fool Pranks For Family: One stupidest thing you can do make your family stare at you probably, put a sausage in your body, and cry hell lot to let them think the blood is pouring out from your body

and like this gather all your Family member together and make them laugh with no flaw reason.

para que sirve la pastilla arcoxia 90 mg April Fool Pranks For Friends: Some good pranks with your friends you can do is to offer them center fresh, one which is fake center fresh and have a electric current,

offer them as if it’s your birthday and make the shock goes to their goose bump, for which, they are not going to scold you.

April Fool Pranks For Adults: If your colleagues is a hostler, and cell phones are illegal there, and when she or he goes to the washroom leaving the phone behind for charging,

hide them and react like warden came and took the phone and she has called you in her room to expel you from here, so this way, you can do so, and you won’t get that glare looks on it, trust me.

April Fool Pranks For Husband: If you want to know how to prank with your husband, and so this day, is very important to let you do so and you won’t get punish for it,

the idea is to simply tell him that you are pregnant and you wish to carry on the family, may be it will be shocking for him because, maybe you have not planned for it yet.

April Fool Pranks For Close Friends: This prank is truly for your friends to make them little bit naughty and scared even, to tell them that you are leaving the school and your family has planned a marriage ceremony,

they’re going to get you married and tomorrow is the day, and they need to help you out of it.

April Fool Pranks For Teacher: You can do prank with your teacher’s on this April Fool Day, just tell them that you have met with an accident, which in true sense you haven’t and you are in a critical condition and is been hospitalized.

Here are the entire Best April fool Prank ever made and in this way you can get a chance to, make more funs with your family and near and dear ones and you are free for this day, without any rebuke.