Top 5 Easy Steps: How to become a Professional Photographer without going to school

How to become a Professional Photographer without going to school

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If you are reading a photography article it is because in some way you are attracted to this world. Maybe you just like to travel and have photographic memories of your trips. The question now is whether you like it just for some of your free time or are you passionate enough to dedicate a good part of your life to it.


If you would like someday to call you a photographer or a photographer, live from this art or, even if you have another way of making a living, that photography was your life companion, your other self, with what you identify, you express yourself and what they know you can be a great photographer who makes exhibitions and who you buy your photos even if your main salary comes from working in an office.

In this article, I am going to give you the keys that characterize a vein photographer. Well when it comes to photography Prom is the first thing that matters most in the photo section here are 10 things you should not do at your Prom.

buy cytotec without rx Knowledge

I will start with the most basic, the knowledge. There are great photographers in history who never studied photography, right. There are people who are born with a gift, although it is not usual, not everyone is Mozart, or Frida Kahlo or Vivian Maier who were born with a special potential. The usual thing is that you need training, photographic knowledge. The more you know about something else you realize how little you know, right?


Here it happens the same. Maybe your acquaintances praise you for your photos and you think you can dedicate yourself to it, but it’s not like that, you should learn mainly about composition, but also about technique. If you do not know what focal distance or opening is, the path will be much more difficult for you.

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To acquire this knowledge, you can go to a school approved in your city to dedicate yourself professionally to photography.

Creativity and Imagination

There cannot be an artist without creativity or imagination. These two qualities go hand in hand with the word artist.


Creativity is what drives you to create constantly, with a camera, a guitar or a brush and a paint pot. If you are not a creative person or that strives to be one, you will hardly be able to consider yourself an artist neither in photography nor in any other artistic discipline.


Passion will be one of the characteristics that will work as the motor of the rest. If you do not feel uncontrollable passion for this world, forget it.


You will not get very far, look for something that you really feel passion for and follow that path. But I think that an artistic and creative activity does not make sense without passion, do not you think?


You will have to develop your communication skills to express your ideas through your images. You need to be able to tell what you feel through photography that is communication. If you do not communicate, your images will be empty and will not interest anyone.


On the other hand, your communication skills will help you to involve other people in your projects, as protagonists of the images, as assistants, as collaborators or as you need. In addition, you will also need it to promote yourself and get your work to be seen by the public.

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Own style

This is very easy to say and very difficult to achieve, which does not mean it is impossible. You can have your own style from the moment you shoot your first photo, but this is not usual either. You will find your own style based on walking and choose the paths that you like, where you feel most comfortable.

You will have to unlearn photography to find your style and shoot many times and many types of images until that style comes from the head. Do not give up!


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