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2018 Hanuman Jayanti , Date & Puja Timing in Different State

2018 Hanuman Jayanti Puja Timing, date

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enter site Hanuman Jayanti Celebrated By the People Every Year. According to Hindi Calander Hanuman Jayanti Fastival is Celebrated in every year on 15th day in the Shukla party of Chaitra (Chaitra Purnima) month. Hanuman Jayanti Will Celebrate on 31 march 2018 by the people.

When and how to Celebrate Hanuman Jayanti 2018 in Different State

Sri Hanuman, a very major lover of Lord Shri Ram, is worshiped everywhere Asian country attributable to his deep religion in Lord Shri Ram through individuals of Hinduism.

On the day of buy Viagra 100 mg in Washington District of Columbia Hanuman Jayanti, all Hanuman temples become terribly crowded, as a result of individuals begin worshipping them solely when taking a holy in the morning.

Hanuman Jayanti is widely known with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm as a significant festival of Hindus by the people of Hinduism. this is often a good Hindu pageant, which is celebrated in a cultural and traditional way.

In Maharashtra, according to this india Hindu calendar, the full moon of Chaitra month is celebrated.

However, consistent with alternative Hindu calendars, it falls on the fourteenth (14th) day in the dark side of the Ashwin month. once worship, prasad is distributed among people to get complete blessings.

Hanuman Jayanti Puja Time

Purnima Tithi Begins = 19:35 on 30/Mar/2018
Purnima Tithi Ends = 18:06 on 31/Mar/2018


In Tamilnadu and Kerala, it is celebrated in the month of Margashirsh (between December and January), with the assumption that, Lord Hanuman was born this month to new phase of the moon.

In Orissa, it is celebrated on the first day of Vaisakh (April) month.

In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, this Vaisakh is celebrated on the tenth day of the month, which begins with the Chaitra Purnima and ends on the Krishna side on the tenth day of Vaisakh month.

Importance of celebrating Hanuman Jayanti

The celebration of Hanuman Jayanti indicates the balance within the co-existence of the whole Hanuman species with the rattling creature of nature.

Lord Hanuman was from the Vanar community, and other people of Hindu faith worship Lord Hanuman as a divine creature.

This competition holds nice importance for everybody, though Brahmachari, matman and strongman area unit significantly galvanized by this celebration.

Hanuman FTO is understood by several names among his devotees; Like- Bajrangali, Pawansut, Pawan Kumar, Mahavir, Baliibima, Marutsut, crisis redemption, Anjanit, Maruti, etc.